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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Moreno Valley Native Sgt. Aja Smith Raises Over $100,000 In Bid To Be The First Black Republican Woman Elected To The House of Representatives From California

(RIVERSIDE) Moreno Valley native and Air Force veteran Sgt. Aja Smith announced today that her campaign has broken the $100,000 dollars-raised mark in her bid to unseat Riverside County’s far left Congressman Mark Takano.


“Our campaign message is really resonating with Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters,” said Smith, who if elected would be the first black Republican woman elected to the House of Representatives from California. “I think it is a combination of Takano’s irresponsible behavior mixed with his lack of focus on the district’s local needs, but because of that we’re seeing a groundswell of support which has resulted in our campaign raising over $100,000 in the last few months.


“It is especially noteworthy that these Americans contributed at a time when no events could be held and when most Americans are facing economic uncertainty. It re-doubles my commitment to bring common-sense leadership back to Riverside County.” Takano’s odd behavior includes:


1. After it was widely known that COVID-19 had at least a 14 day incubation period, Takano issued statements encouraging patients from a plane carrying American citizens being repatriated from Wuhan, China, to be released from March Air Force Base after only 3 days. Despite his federal role in the process, accusations persisted their was no coordination with March ARB or the City of Moreno Valley. Even worse, base employees claimed proper PPE and basic safety procedures were absent. As a former employee of March Air Reserve Base, Aja Smith issued a statement demanding answers as to why our federal officials are not taking every possible precaution to protect public health.


2. Helping fellow Southern California far-left Congressmembers Adam Schiff and Katie Porter coach witnesses in Aug. 2019 for the sham Ukrainian-impeachment hoax (including Trump-accuser Ambassador Bill Taylor)


3. Declaring that the George Floyd protest is to recognize the activism of "trans women and queer people of color


There seems to be no end to Takano’s odd behavior and no lengths Takano won’t go to in an effort to please his far-left, extreme base. His most recent actions are equally out-of-the-mainstream, with Takano claiming that the Riverside County Sheriff, “vandalized a parked car and escalated an already tense situation...This highlights the problem of egregious over-policing...” Takano looks to stir up more division in our community by making wild accusations rather than call our Sheriff to get the entire story. 


The 41st Congressional District in western Riverside County includes the cities of Moreno Valley, Perris, and Riverside, located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. With Takano’s extreme, fringe statements and Sgt. Aja Smith’s momentum building, Smith’s campaign expects to have the money and the infrastructure it takes to win a competitive congressional race and unseat liberal Mark Takano.


To learn more about lifelong Moreno Valley native, Sgt. Aja Smith and her campaign to be the first black Republican woman elected to Congress from California, please visit:

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