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As a Veteran, I understand National Security. As a Congresswoman, I will ensure our National Defense has the resources it needs to keep us safe. 

We must provide our military, homeland security agencies with the proper technology and increased manpower to defend our Nation.

The congressman I will replace, jeopardizes our safety in the world with failure to understand military readiness and National Security.

I am well versed in national security issues. From homegrown terrorism and international terrorism are problems that must be addressed. Issues in global security affect Riverside directly and indirectly when it comes to implementing strategic domestic and foreign policy.


My opponent consistently votes against adequately protecting our nation from adversaries. Supported the Iran nuclear deal and giving Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, $10's of billions of dollars.

In the ultimate demonstration of incredible bad judgement, He hired the Awan brothers as IT staffers, who without proper security clearances, had access to some of the most sensitive classified information provided to congressional members, committed cyber-security breaches, large-scale fraud, cover-ups, and threats to our national security, all of which are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

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